BBC Radio 4 To Dramatise Pratchett & Gaiman’s Good Omens

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BBC Radio 4 To Dramatise Pratchett & Gaiman’s Good Omens

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s wonderful tale of the apocalypse is set to be dramatised for radio.

Good OmensLike many I fell in love with Terry Pratchett’s long running Discworld novel series many years ago. The author paints a vast world in luscious detail filled with any number of engrossing, charming, evil and funny characters. Yet it was Pratchett’s collaboration in 1990 with another treasured author, Neil Gaiman, that really caught my imagination. The book is Good Omens and it’s one that has stayed with me since. A novel I read more often than any other, one that I’ve lent out, (one never lends a book) have never had returned but always purchase a replacement, and I always find something new to appreciate within it’s pages. A dark yet hilarious vision of the apocalypse as foretold by the unlikely prophet Agnes Nutter.

There have been murmurings of adaptations of this compelling story in the past, but today the BBC have confirmed that for the first time Good Omens will be dramatised by, and aired on, BBC Radio 4.

Set to be a seasonal special Gwyneth Williams, Controller, BBC Radio 4, says in the press release: “I’m delighted to have Neil Gaiman back on Radio 4 – and this time with Terry Pratchett. I can’t wait to hear what they will do with the Apocalypse. The Radio 4 audience loved Neverwhere and Good Omens will be a splendid Christmas treat.”

Lined up to voice the angel Azreal is Mark Heap whilst the demon Crowley will be portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz. Other cast members include “Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall) as Newton Pulsifer, Josie Lawrence (Skins, EastEnders) as Agnes Nutter and Paterson Joseph (Peep Show, Green Wing) as Famine, as well as a host of delightful cameos, from the Gardeners’ Question Time team to Neil and Terry themselves.”

My year is significantly more cheery thanks to this news and Christmas can’t come soon enough. Now, where is my copy of Good Omens?

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