BCxLD | My, How Time Flies II | EP & Video

BCxLD | My, How Time Flies II | EP & Video

Producer Brass Clouds and rapper Lucas Dix (BCxLD) team up once more, and My, How Time Flies too!

In case it passed you by, My, How Time Flies I dropped in February this year. Part two followed at the end of May and continues a collaborative project between producer Brass Clouds (Horsefeathers) and emcee Lucas Dix (Jellyfish Brigade / Shut-Ins and the Colony).

The Portland based duo come together for the four part ‘My, How Time Flies’ EP series which is to be released throughout 2016.

With original production and heart-on-sleeve lyrics the pair combine elements of electronic, R&B, and folk with Hip-Hop to create a ten track release that forms a, lyrically, reflective look at life with an easy on the ear flow throughout.

BCxLD have released a video to accompany the second track from My, How Time Flies II, titled ‘We Got Next’.

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The EP sounds like it’s created from abrasive materials that have been polished into a smooth form. Harsh snares are tempered with reverb, intricate basslines are subtly mixed into proceedings whilst synths and harmonies create a layer of sound that blend the whole experience into something upbeat yet laid back. Dix’s vocals have a similar effect. At times there’s an rough edge to his rap delivery which is counterbalanced by his smoother singing style.

The result is an accomplished ten tracks well worthy of a listen.

My, How Time Flies II is available as a digital download via bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ release. The EP is also available to stream for free on Spotify. For those who prefer a physical copy, CDs are also available which combine part I and II for $10 or more.

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