Beefy – Too Big To Fail Part One | Review

Beefy – Too Big To Fail Part One | Review

Beefy teams up with producer Tanner for his newest release, ‘Too Big to Fail Part One’ but falls all too easily back into his comfort zone.

‘Too Big to Fail Part One’ is the latest release from nerdcore rapper Beefy and forms the follow up to his 2014 album ‘Grown Up’. As the title implies, that album exhibited a more mature outlook presented in the rapper’s lyrics. Roll on two years and I’d hoped for further development of that approach.

Beefy doesn’t take himself too seriously and his songs affirm this with self-deprecating lyrics strewn throughout his latest album, ‘Too Big to Fail’. As his stage name implies, he’s a robust kind of chap, and once again there are seemingly obligatory references to weight in songs like ‘Fat Boyfriend’. Ironically it’s a light and bouncy track. Then there’s the MC Router line in the opening song ‘The Recipe’, and I find myself wondering what year is this?

Tanner does a solid job on production duties with a tight series of tracks that maintain a good tempo. Sporadic use of heavy synths at times feel abrasive when paired with Beefy’s rounded vocal style but, that small criticism aside the album is mixed and mastered to a high standard.

Raps are well delivered, as would be expected, and Beefy’s rhyme schemes fit neatly into the regimented beats. A clear standout track is the poignant ‘Dear Valentine’ which shines for being unique in style to the rest of the album.

Where my indifference to ‘Too Big to Fail’ lies is in the past. Beefy’s 2014 album ‘Grown Up’ represented a huge leap forward for the rapper in terms of a more mature lyrical content and evidence of significant development as an artist. That album was produced by Mustin and, musically, felt very different with a somehow looser sound. Beefy seemed more confident, rapping from a more personal perspective. He came across as contented and on the edge of a big next step.

That momentum is lost and ‘Too Big to Fail’ feels very much like Beefy retreating back to his comfort zone. References to size, Mc Router, bullying… it’s all too familiar. No risks were taken with this album and the ingredients that made ‘Grown Up’ such an appealing prospect are not in evidence here.

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

‘Too Big to Fail Part One’ is available to stream or download for $8 via bandcamp now.

About Beefy | Since 2005, Beefy has been pushing his positive, pop culture influenced message worldwide, beginning with his debut The Whitesican EP. Never afraid to make references to X-Men comic books or video game vixens, Beefy has also found a way to create his own style backed by pop, rock, and hard powered rap production.

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