Benin City – Bus | Video

Benin City – Bus | Video

Benin City commandeer a night bus for their new video from the album ‘Last Night’ that documents and pays tribute to London life.

As London’s nightlife hotspots slowly dwindle in numbers, replaced by soulless new-build flats, Benin City look to celebrate the beating heart of the city through their music.

Their forthcoming album titled ‘Last Night’ is a tribute to the capital. Any resident of London knows that a long night out usually ends as a slow ride home on the night bus.

Drawing inspiration from this rite of passage the group commandeered a bus to film the video for the aptly titled track, ‘Bus’.

We filmed this on a London bus between 7pm and 2am on a Friday night. We thought we’d get kicked off by the driver or shouted at by commuters, but London was a hell of a lot nicer than we expected. We ended up having a party with our friends and strangers amidst a busy night bus home.

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The album ‘Last Night’ is available to pre-order via bandcamp and releases on June 15th.

About Benin City | Benin City is named after a state Capital in Nigeria. And like it’s namesake, Benin City has a long and colourful history….
Originally started by Suren, Musa and Josh, Benin City went through many musicians before settling with Theo Buckingham on Drums, Faye on Trombone and Tom on sax. And its sound, through rooted in spoken word/jazz funk, is ever-reaching for new avenues to add to its map.

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