Billy The Fridge – #FeelsBatman | Video

Billy The Fridge – #FeelsBatman | Video

Billy the Fridge may be a larger than life personality, but just like most of us, he just wants to be a superhero.

Blam! For his new music video, #FeelsBatman, Seattle rapper Billy the Fridge travelled through four cities over three days with a singular mission – be Batman.

Like Batman, Billy doesn’t always stick to the moral high ground and it’s been revealed that some of the video was filmed at the new Funko HQ – Without Permission!!! Dun-dun-duuuun!

The result is that the video utilises great use of vibrant, natural lighting, and interesting, cleverly composed shots. #FeelsBatman was created by Influence Media.

The song echoes the sentiments that many of us harbour. Even as fully grown, supposedly responsible adults, deep down we all still want to be a superhero. Except, most of us are completely and entirely unqualified to do so. Superpower? No. Billionaire philanthropist with a deathwish? No.

A loose narrative runs through the video in which Billy witnesses a number of misdemeanours but lacks the necesary confidence or skill to tackle the wrongdoings.

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About Billy the Fridge | A master of the moment, Billy the Fridge has taken his act all over America, beyond the stage and into the streets. A rapper, an entertainer, a funny guy.

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