Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story

Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story

A new Star Wars fan film details the origins of a minor but important character from the original trilogy

Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story is the tale of a minor character from the original trilogy that played a big part in a large action scene. I don’t want to say anymore as it will spoil the ending.

The official synopsis reads:

“Birth of a Monster” is a story of discovery and friendship surrounding a mysterious young boy and his loyal droid on the desert planet, Tatooine. What they discover will shape future generations in their galaxy.

The fan film was directed by Tim Martin who is a special effects artist in Hollywood. His credits contain far too many big name films to list here. With the help of friends and fellow professionals, Birth of a Monster was filmed over many weekends and days off.

The film stars Tim Martin’s son, Zander, as the young boy of the story. Revealing his name would spoil the film for those die-hard Star Wars fans.

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Daniel Bohman plays his robot companion 0-TK whilst voice artist Steve Blum (Zeb from Star Wars: Rebels) provides his voice.

Birth of a Monster looks and feels just like a real Star Wars film. It was nice to see a story that concentrated on something other than Jedi, Sith and bounty hunters, the staple diet of fan films.

The filming style wonderfully matches the original films and it is filled with homemade props, costume and make-up. To call them homemade is a bit of a disservice as it all looks like it was stolen from the set of an official Star Wars film!

Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story is the first episode of Star Wars: Tales of the Twin Suns. If this is the quality we’re to expect from the series, I eagerly await more stories!


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