Bond Gets Bootlegged & MGM Don’t Like It!

Bond Gets Bootlegged & MGM Don’t Like It!

Adi Shankar strikes again with his bootleg universe. Hot on the heels of his Power Rangers bootleg, which sent the internet crazy, here comes Bond, James Bond.

Adi Shankar is a legitimate producer who worked on such films as Dredd, The Grey and A Walk Among the Tombstones. He also releases short films onto his YouTube channel as part of his bootleg series.

In this growing collection of films, Adi provides an alternate look on many popular characters, all without the proper permission of course, hence the bootleg title of the series. So far you can find Venom, an excellent take on The Punisher with Thomas Jane reprising his role from the 2004 film and of course most recently, a darker, grittier, extremely more violent version of the Power Rangers.

His latest entry into the series is a take on the popular spy James Bond. In the video below Adi explains why he chose Bond as his next short film.

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At this point is where you would find the video for the short film,”James Bond: In Service of Nothing.” Unfortunately MGM have blocked the video on copyright grounds!

If the video reappears, I’ll be sure to link it here. Sorry for the disappointment.

UPDATE: Again more disappointment as it now looks like we’ll never see this short film anytime soon. According to Deadline, Adi has released the following statement,

“I have the utmost respect for MGM and the iconic character of James Bond, and although I believe my video is clearly a parody of James Bond, I will refrain from reposting it online out of respect.”

But as you are probably well aware, the video was up for twelve hours, I’m sure there’s plenty of copies floating around. You’ve just got to find one.

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