Book Review | Movie Geek: The Den of Geek Guide to the Movieverse

Book Review | Movie Geek: The Den of Geek Guide to the Movieverse

Movie lovers, film nerds, you NEED this book, Movie Geek: The Den of Geek Guide to the Movieverse

If you’re a movie buff like me, then the Den of Geek website should definitely be in your bookmark list. Existing in both UK and US variants, like The Unheard Nerd, they cover films, television, games and more with the latest news and articles.

It was the articles that initially drew me to the website. Whilst they do offer the latest news, their articles often delve into aspects of films and television of the last thirty years and this is why I became hooked.

Where else would you find articles such as “Film stars that have only directed one movie” or “The troubled production of the Jewel of the Nile”.

These kind of fascinating stories are what inspire my love for writing about films and what changes were made to them in my “What Could Have Been” series.

Den of Geek has written many of these articles over the years and they’ve now been collated and updated into one handy book, Den of Geek’s Guide to the Movieverse Movie Geek.

Much like the film production process, the book has been split into several sub-headings, development & pre-production, production, post-production and watching films. All the articles have been sorted as applicable.

Firstly, the book opens with an introduction from British film critic Mark Kermode who expresses his love for the website and their style of journalistic writing which is different from nearly anything that can be found in common printed media.

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Secondly, an introduction from one of the authors of the book, Simon Brew, gives a brief overview of the Den of Geek website. As anyone who has started their own website, you’ll share his dismay where the analytics tool revealed he only gained twelve visitors on their first day around ten years ago.

Then you reach the real meat of the book and I have to admit I read it all in just a couple of days. Every single article was a fascinating insight into the movie industry or just the stories that surround the business in general.

For example, did you know that without the rather dubious Alien: Resurrection film, we may not have had the Ice Age movies. (I’ll let you debate the merits if that’s a good or bad thing amongst yourselves!)

Or the incredible story behind Lethal Weapon 4 which was greenlit, filmed and released all within the space of six months! Also, consider that this was in the pre-digital era, physical film prints still had to be shipped to cinemas around the world!

There are so many more great articles. Star Wars and Star Trek films that were never made, sequels you never knew that existed or even how the follow up to the live action He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film transformed into the Jean Claude Van-Damn film Cyborg!

I could sit here and happily type out the heading for each article so you could see what a diverse collection of articles sit within the covers of this fascinating book.

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Hats off to Simon Brew, who collated this huge collection of articles and started the Den of Geek website. Let’s also not forget the individual authors who have contributed over the years making this book possible.

I can’t recommend Movie Geek: The Den of Geek’s Guide to the Movieverse highly enough! (Especially right now as the ebook edition is only 99p/$1.38 as of February 13th, 2018)

It would make a great Valentine’s day gift for the film nerd in your life!


Title: Movie Geek: The Den of Geek Guide to the Movieverse

Author: Simon Brew

Amazon (UK): Book Kindle

Amazon (US): Book Kindle



Movie Geek is a nerdy dive into popular movies, brought to you by the award-losing Den Of Geek website, with a foreword by the UK’s foremost film critic, Mark Kermode. Discover hidden stories behind movies you love (and, er, don’t love so much), and find out just why the most dangerous place to be is in a Tom Hanks film.

Fascinating, surprisingly and hugely entertaining, this leftfield movie guide is gold for film buffs, and might just bring out the geek – hidden or otherwise – within you…



  • Alternative movie endings that were binned
  • Movie sequels you didn’t know existed
  • Massive box office hits that were huge gambles
  • The collateral damage of Tom Hanks movies
  • Hidden subtexts in family movies
  • Disastrous things that went wrong on modern movie sets…and much, much more!

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