Boy, I Wonder What This Could Be? IT’S A TRAP! [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

Boy, I Wonder What This Could Be? IT’S A TRAP! [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

A dragon’s trap to be precise. French gaming team Lizardcube announce a new Wonder Boy – The Dragon’s Trap.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapThat’s right, you heard correctly, the hero from Sega’s past is apparently getting a makeover, and whilst no details other than a countdown have been announced, the Twitter community has been buzzing and some are suggesting that it’s going to be a mobile gaming remake of the original Dragon’s Trap game.

Delving deeper into the background of the main guys behind this rumour doesn’t give too much more away. Coder, Omar Cornut’s previous experience includes “Media Molecule’s ‘Tearaway’ bits of ‘Dreams’ and Q-Games’ ‘Pixeljunk Shooter’ series” amongst others. Ben Fiquet, animation artist, doesn’t list too much experience game wise but very interestingly, 3 years ago he did what he classed as “fan art” animation for an Alex Kidd in Miracle World HD remake but cited the fact he couldn’t make the game due to lack of coding skills. You can watch a video of it on his YouTube channel.

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Could it be then, that this Wonder Boy offering is going to be a HD remake? Well you don’t have long to wait. The website counter ends at 3pm today!

Find out more at and or follow @lizardcube on Twitter.

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