Brand New Impossible Gaming Vs | Series Premiere

Brand New Impossible Gaming Vs | Series Premiere

You’ve witnessed Chadley and Tristan taking on some of history’s toughest video games in Impossible Gaming. Now they’re ready for the next challenge. One on one multiplayer games.

If you thought the boys rage quit too easily in their regular series, how will they react to a hammering when playing head to head? Expect more foul language, goading, tears and possible hair pulling! This is Impossible Gaming Vs.

In the series premiere of Impossible Gaming Vs, Chadley and Tristan go head to head in a game of Mario Party accompanied with a special guest! While Chadley claims to be a long reigning champion of Mario Party, Tristan desperately tries to prove him wrong.

In the 2nd episode of Impossible Gaming Vs, things get heated between Chadley, Tristan and Kacey in Mario Party 5 as stars begin to jump from player to player and time starts to run out. Between Mini games, strategical maneuvers, and capsule use, who will win is a total mystery.

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About Mario Party 5 – Mario Party 5 is a party video game published by Nintendo and developed by Hudson Soft. It is the second game in the Mario Party series for Nintendo GameCube. It was released in North America on November 10, 2003,[1] in Japan on November 11, 2003, and in Europe on November 12, 2003. Mario Party 5 is the fifth installment in the Mario Party series.
The game is set in the fictional world of the Dream Depot, consisting of seven game boards. The single-player “Story” mode involves the player winning multiple games against the Koopa Kids to prevent Bowser from conquering the Dream Depot. The main multiplayer game mode consists of four characters from Mario series playing a board game, with each board having a set theme. The game also features several minigames, which are played after every set of turns. Mario Party 5 introduces the “Super Duel” mode to the franchise, which requires players to assemble and control custom made battle vehicles which can be used in combat against other machines. The game features ten playable characters, with playable debuts to the series from Toad, Boo, and Koopa Kid.

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    You clipped info form Wikipedia while it was in a vandalized state. This title has nothing to do with the “TV Anhanguera CD-ROM”, an no-one seems to have any info on what that even is.


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      Thanks for letting me know. Will amend at the earliest opportunity.


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