Brazilian Renault Commercial Brings 80’s Dungeons & Dragons To Life!

Brazilian Renault Commercial Brings 80’s Dungeons & Dragons To Life!

The 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon is adapted into live action by Renault!?

Over in Brazil, Renault is advertising one of their latest models, the Kwid Outsider. I’m not really a car guy at all, so all I can say is that I like the look of it.

But that isn’t really what we’re here to talk about. What’s brilliant about this car commercial is what appears as well as the car. In this case its a damn near perfect live recreation of the 1980’s cartoon, Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeon & Dragons was an animated series aired in 1983 and ran for three seasons, 27 episodes in total. The plot of the show revolved around six children who took a ride on a Dungeons & Dragons fairground attraction and found themselves traveling through a portal into that very realm.

Upon entering the realm they meet Dungeon Master who equips them with weapons. Over the course of the entire series, the six children, Eric, Hank, Diana, Albert (nickname Presto), Shiela and Bobby, try to find a way back to their own realm.

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This prologue was retold every episode as part of the shows opening titles.

Sadly, and sorry for spoiling a 35-year-old show, the children never made it back home. One of the writers of the show confessed that a script exists for a final episode where the children did actually make it home. The script was published online and can still be found today.

The advertising agency behind this commercial should be proud of themselves as they’ve done an excellent job.

Dungeons & Dragons

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