Bring the noise with this Back to the Future themed Fender

Bring the noise with this Back to the Future themed Fender

Martper Guitars have taken a 2019 Fender Mustang and turned it into a time machine based on the famous Back to the Future DeLorean.

Regular readers will no that I’ve been been on a mission to seek out weird and wonderful, fandom based guitar FX pedals recently. One such oddity was an analogue delay built into a replica of the famous Back to the Future DeLorean time machine. What better companion for this custom FX pedal than a similarly styled Guitar?

Martper Guitars are responsible for many crazy custom creations, including these limited edition builds.

Taking a Fender Mustang guitar as a starting point, this custom shop takes design cues from the DeLorean with an aluminium effect paint finish and DMC decals. There’s so much more though.

Check how much radiation your plutonium grade riffs are giving off with a built in meter. Additionally, watch the sparks fly as your solos reach 88 miles per hour. A functioning (not actually, but it lights up nicely) Flux Capacitor is also great touch.

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We’re not finished. Three digital displays and a key pad allow you to enter the years for past, present and future that you want to travel to. This is fully functional. That’s heavy!

What’s not heavy is the weight of the guitar. The makers state that play-ability, tone and the weight of the Fender Mustang is not effected by their handy work.

Martper’s latest custom Mustang is currently for sale over at with a hefty 29% off. That still leaves a price tag of over £1,500 plus shipping.

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