Budget Clothes Retailer Primark Go Full Retro Gaming With New Range

Budget Clothes Retailer Primark Go Full Retro Gaming With New Range

U.K. high street store ‘Primark’ is introducing a new range of retro gaming merchandise with an arcade experience at their flagship Manchester branch.

Manchester U.K. | Best known as a low budget clothing and homewares retailer, high street store ‘Primark’ is celebrating its new retro gaming range with ‘Primark Arcade’ at their Market Street branch in Manchester city centre.

Their new clothing range draws from a wide spectrum (pun intended) of retro computer and console games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot. Other items pay homage to iconic brands and machines like Atari and the Commodore 64.

Primark Retro Gaming Range

The launch event will take place today (May 12th) and conclude tomorrow. In attendance will be retro gaming content creators Nostalgia Nerd, Kim Justice, Slopes and Octav1us Kitten as well as the current Pac-Man world record holder, Jon Stoodley, who will be on-hand to provide tips for achieving the perfect Pac-Man game.

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An online Primark feature from March suggests that the range is aimed predominantly at a male market, though from experience (Twitter rage over Star Wars items for girls – whoops!), the retailer is usually fairly inclusive in their offerings. The feature showcases a small cross section of the range on offer.

The highlight of the range for me is a Pac-Man sweatshirt that appears to retail for a very reasonable £12. T-Shirts will set you back in the region of £6 to £8 and at that price you could easily splash out on your favourite retro gaming merch.

Items should be available at all Primark stores across the U.K.

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