Build Your Own Millennium Falcon!

Build Your Own Millennium Falcon!

A couple of times now here at The Unheard Nerd, I have written articles about collectors items that you can collect on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. These are usually models of trains, cars, spaceships or even small parts to piece together one big item!

Each item is usually accompanied with a magazine that informs you about the various details of the real life object of which you now own, albeit in model form.

In Feburary of 2013 I wrote about a set called Batman Automobilia, a collection dedicated to the vehicles used within the Batman universe. Then later that year in October I reported on Star Trek: The official Starship Collection which had hit the news-stands.

Now here in the the UK, new for 2015, De Agostini have released a set to build your own Millennium Falcon. Here’s the television commercial that has been running recently.



According to the official website, Build The Millennium Falcon, De Agostini claim that,

“With its unique moulded metal and resin construction, this is the most detailed Millennium Falcon model ever. Your 1:1 scale movie prop replica is 808mm long, 596mm wide and 192mm high. It has pre-painted hull parts, with working electronics and removable panels to view the interior. It’s just like the prop from The Empire Strikes Back.”

As you just read and can see from the commercial, the model will be a replica of the Industrial Light & Magic filming miniature used for The Empire Strikes Back. But your model includes a detailed interior with working moving parts and lights.

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There are even subscriber bonuses to keep you interested for example binders to safely store the magazine, a model Han Solo in scale to the final spaceship and even a mount to display your Millennium Falcon on the wall or shelf.

As always, there’s a catch!

The first issue is only £2.99 ($4.55). The following 99 issues which are released over the next two years are priced at £8.99 ($13.69). Have you done the maths yet? That’s £893 ($1360) for a completed Millennium Falcon!

Are you a fan enough to spend that much money on a two year Star Wars project? Let us know with your comments.

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