Buy Marty McFly’s Hoverboard And More

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Buy Marty McFly’s Hoverboard And More

This month will see an auction of movie props and memorabilia with an estimated value in excess of £1million.

We’ve all dreamed of owning a real hoverboard, and whilst a functioning one is still only the work of fiction, you can own the hoverboard from Back To The Future II. This month on the 16th (October) an auction will take place at Vue Westfield in London where movie props and memorabilia will be sold off, and there are some impressive lots.

The BTTF hoverboard would be cool as hell to own and if you have a spare £15,000 you might be in with a chance of placing the winning bid. In a similar price bracket, though perhaps shifting for up to £20,000 is a Wonka’s golden ticket whilst the more affluent in the room may be looking at Captain Nemo’s Nautilis car from the movie A League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen which has been valued at between £40-60,000. There will be less expensive items available on the day for the less wealthy fans with some items expected to go for under £100.

Other items of interest include a Hell Boy mask, a revised script from Rocky, John McClane’s police ID from Die Hard, an orc mask from The Lord Of The Rings and an Imperial scout’s helmet from Return Of The Jedi.

All items can be seen in a free exhibition which is open to the public at Vue Westfield from now until the 16th October.

Check out the Vue Westfield and Guardian Newspaper websites for more pictures and information.


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