Buy A T-Shirt, Help Wordburglar To Make A Video, Get Your Name In The Credits

Buy A T-Shirt, Help Wordburglar To Make A Video, Get Your Name In The Credits

Wordburglar needs your help to make a kick-ass video for his song Narc Hi-Score and you need a kick-ass Wordburglar t-shirt.

Not for the first time Wordburglar has turned out some awesome merchandise to help him raise funds for a project. This time around he’s offering up tee shirts, hoodies, vests and more that will appeal to rap enthusiasts and retro gamers alike with a design inspired by a little known Nintendo video game, Narc.

Wordburglar Narc Tee

The game inspired the song Narc Hi-Score which can be found on Burgie’s most recent album Rapplicable Skills. The track is a re-telling of the true events that led to ‘SJ from Halifax’ getting his name printed in Nintendo Power Magazine with the ‘Narc Hi-Score‘.


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Proceeds from the merch sales via will go towards creating a video for the track, and best of all – every contributor to the campaign will get their name in the credits of the video!

Get the full story from Wordburglar himself at and then head over to to check out the shirts and more. Designs are available until the 22nd April, so be quick!


About Wordburglar – With finely constructed whimsical lyrics, a sharp sense of humour and a dedication to true-school rap, ‘Burg has carved a niche for himself with audiences across Canada and beyond. Showcasing a wide variety of concepts and styles all blessed with Wordburglar’s uniquely unpredictable approach.

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