Capcom Retro Station will be available outside of Japan and other news

Capcom Retro Station will be available outside of Japan and other news

An official website reveals that the Capcom Retro Station supports multi-player gaming and availability outside of Japan.

We first laid eyes on Capcom’s Retro Station back in November this year. Now an official product website provides a better look at the mini-arcade’s specs and price. We also learn that this won’t be another cool retro console produced exclusively for the Japan gaming market.

The website confirms much of what we already knew. Units will come with an in-built 4:3 ratio 8″ screen (providing 1024 x 768 resolution) and features arcade style controls. There’s also an HDMI port to the rear that allows for gameplay on a larger screen. We also knew that units would come bundled with 10 games. Five ‘Street Fighter’ and five ‘Mega Man’ titles in total.

Care has also been put into sound quality. Retro Station boasts two 10w ‘Super Bass’ speakers intended to give gamers that booming arcade experience.

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Something we questioned in our November post was whether the Capcom Retro Station supported multi-player gaming? Good news, it does, and in a couple of different ways at additional cost.

Players with their own Retro Station units can link via wireless USB dongles for head-to-head action. Alternatively, an additional ‘fightstick’, or arcade style controller, can be purchased for multi-player action on one Retro Station.

Pre-sales are already live in Japan with gamers able to opt to buy via Amazon or the official Retro Station online store. Good news for those of us outside of Japan though. There’s an email field for ‘other regions’ to register their interest and receive release updates.

Head over to for all the latest.

Retro Station is being manufactured by ‘TRON’ under license from Capcom.

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