Capcom Unveil their plug and play retro ‘Home Arcade’

Capcom Unveil their plug and play retro ‘Home Arcade’

Famous for Street Fighter and Mega Man, Capcom want you to battle it out at home on their new ‘Home Arcade’.

Nintendo started the bandwagon rolling, PlayStation jumped on board and SEGA aspire to join them with miniature versions of their classic games consoles.

Neo Geo went a slightly different route with a micro arcade cabinet and now Capcom have put a different twist on things again with the announcement of their ‘Home Arcade’.

The plug and play device essentially takes the controls from an arcade cabinet and bundles them into a unit designed in the shape of the iconic Capcom logo. Plug the included HDMI cable into your TV, do the same with the power supply and off you go.

Capcom’s ‘Home Arcade’ comes bundled with 16 classic games for you to tackle in single-player or multi-player modes. Unlike other retro games units, this one comes with built in WiFi allowing you to submit your high scores to a global scoreboard.

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Measuring 74cm x 22cm x 11cm, the unit isn’t something to be hidden away. With a bold aesthetic and beautiful finish the ‘Home Arcade’ is something fans will want to display. But beauty comes at a price with the RRP sitting at a penny under £200.

Pre-orders are open now through Amazon and the official Capcom store with a release date set as October 25th.

Here are the games that come bundled with the unit, but with built in WiFi there’s a chance more could be added at a later date.

Find out more about ‘Home Arcade’ at

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