Celebrate 30 Years Of Tank Girl With Humble Bundle

Celebrate 30 Years Of Tank Girl With Humble Bundle

Titan Comics and Humble Bundle team up for a shed load of Tank Girl for very little money. Pa-Pa-Pa-Pow!

Comics’ baddest badass is thirty years old. Co-Creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett debuted Tank Girl in 1988 when the foul-mouthed, anarchic protagonist burst onto the pages of British indie-comics magazine ‘Deadline’.

Since then the girl with a tank has grown a fierce cult following and spawned a feature film in 1995. The movie starred Lori Petty as the titular character alongside rapper Ice-T who portrayed a half-human, half-kangaroo. Strange times.

To mark her thirtieth birthday Titan Comics have buddied up with Humble Bundle to bring you an expansive collection of digital comics that span the history of our favourite troublemaker.

“This must-have birthday bundle takes you from the early black and white strips by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett; through to The Power of Tank Girl; Everybody Loves Tank Girl; Tank Girl Carioca; Bad Wind Rising; the return of Jamie Hewlett on 21st Century Tank Girl; the epic Tank Girl trilogy of Two Girls One Tank, Tank Girl Gold and World War Tank Girl by Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson; and two issues of the glorious The Wonderful World of Tank Girl.

Plus, a very special birthday requires something a little extra, and we present Tank Girl: Skidmarks available in digital for the first time, and a never-before-released, special edition of Tank Girl: Gold #2!”

Paying as little as $1 (76p) gets you the first tier of classic titles with a mid-level priced at $8 (£6.05) and the full shebang coming in at $15 (£11.34). Smashing value for hours of reading.

As always you have control over how much of your money goes to the creator, the vendor and/or the chosen charity for this bundle.

The offer is open now and runs until October 24th at humblebundle.com

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