Chadley | Octopuss EP | Review

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Chadley | Octopuss EP | Review

The name’s J. Fox… Chadley J. Fox, this is the Octopuss EP.

Few are as persistent in the face of adversity as Chadley. Host of the Nerdcore Meow / Punch Nerds podcasts and creator of The Unheard Nerd’s very own Impossible Gaming YouTube show. Over the years the nerdcore online community has seen Chadley step out of the shadows as commentator on the scene to announce his aspirations to become a rapper. We’ve seen him grow and develop. How much of a leap will he have made since last year’s Rappin’ In The Rain?

The opener The Name’s Fox is a self referential intro that launches you straight into the unmistakable Bond theme with lyrics spit with pace. It works well, my initial criticism though? The vocals are muggy in the mix, but at just over a minute long we’re soon dropped out of lightspeed into the much more sedate Skyfall, an early candidate for standout track, it’s atmospheric with measured vocals. It looks like Chadley’s made a big step in the right direction here.

There can be no better indication that Chadley’s intent to rap is being taken seriously when you discover the caliber of guest vocalist on this eight track EP. High Noon finds Beefy lending vocals. It’s a raucous track that finds a grit to Chadley’s delivery. Sadly, as with the opening track, the mixing leaves a little to be desired for what would be an otherwise great track.

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Village Brawl is interesting musically, the vocals hover on the flat side in terms of delivery. More care has clearly been taken on Play That, a bouncy song featuring samples from the Wild Cherry classic and guest vocals from Mikal kHill and Stevie D of the Illbotz. If you download just one track from the Octopuss EP, make it this one.

Things take a darker turn in break-up track All The Best. It occurs to me at this point that the Bond theme seems to have been completely forgotten about with no reference since the second song. I’ll be honest, Chaos Theory hurts my head a bit. The track is lively and far removed from anything else on the EP exhibiting a hard electro feel. It’s not the track that hurts mind, its the treble on Chadley’s vocals that cuts uncomfortably over the backing. Again the track is let down by a harsh mix.

The finale comes in the form of Fuck Chadley. There was an attempt to create an entire EP dedicated to dissing Chadley with the same name, so it’s satisfying that he should choose to see out the release with a rebuttal of sorts.

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You won’t lose much of your life should you choose to check out the Octopuss EP, and you should listen through at least once if only to enjoy the wonderful Skyfall and bouncy Play That. As I’ve pointed out it’s a Jackal and Hyde kind of release where the good is really good, but the rest is distinctly average and sub-standard mixing really lets down what could be a respectable release. I also question the failure to carry the Bond theme throughout the release, it feels incomplete, a little half-arsed. The concept starts strongly before being dropped completely making the very title of the EP rather tenuous.

Make your own mind up though. The Octopuss EP is available as a name your price digital download from Chadley’s bandcamp page.

Oh… one last thing. What do you have to do to get a cover artwork credit around here? It’s just like Rappin’ In The Rain all over again… I don’t know why I bother…


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