Chokeules drops a surprise video for Gold Metal Jacket

Chokeules drops a surprise video for Gold Metal Jacket

From his latest album, Nepotism, Chokeules drops an unexpected video for the single ‘Gold Metal Jacket’.

His latest solo album, Nepotism, dropped back in July. But rest is for the idle and Chokeules has been hard at work with his regular collaborators, Timbuktu and Savilion on a new Swamp Thing album. Taking social distancing seriously, the B-movie hip-hop trio have, fittingly, been working from a cabin in the woods.

It was with some surprise that Chokeules returned from this creative isolation with a new video for the song ‘Gold Metal Jacket’.

‘Gold Metal Jacket’ is the lead track and single from the album ‘Nepotism’ which was produced by Chokeules’ cousin LRYBRDBTZ. The album is released via Hand*Solo Records. Download now and/or purchase on CD and Vinyl.

About Chokules | His latest album, Nepotism, is proof that music exists. Chokeules has made dope records with Toolshed, Swamp Thing, Backburner, and more, but of all these projects Nepotism is by far the most recent. His first album, Hypergraphia, was named Top 10 Albums Of The Year by the London Free Press, and the song “Feel Free” was on the soundtrack for the third Trailer Park Boys movie. His second album, Stay Up, provided the hit song “40-Year-Old Vegan”, which became a viral video, and was also featured on an episode of the popular CBC show Mr. D. Surely this third album will yield bogglingly bewildering results.

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