Choose Your Own Avenger | 7″ Double A-Side

Choose Your Own Avenger | 7″ Double A-Side

Hand’Solo Records are on a mission to release new music every month throughout 2018. June throws up a special pair of posse cuts that form the ‘Choose Your Own Avenger’ 7″ double A-Side release.

Toronto, Canada // Blending hip-hop with Earth’s mightiest heroes, Toronto based Hand’Solo Records have released two epic posse cuts featuring some of our favourite rappers.

Coming in two flavours, the ‘Ultimate Version’ is produced by Klopfenpop with cuts by DJ Matto. Taking on the personas of specific Marvel comic Avengers are Ultra Magnus (Hulk), Lex Lingo (Hawkeye), Schaffer The Darklord (Ant-Man), Shubzilla (She-Hulk), Sulfur (Thor) and Primordial Emcee (Nova).

The ‘Mighty Version’ (my personal favourite), is produced by More or Les who not only provides cuts but also pitches up with a verse as Black Panther. A strong vocal team up is completed by Int80 of Dual Core (Iron Man), Wordburglar (Star Fox), Nilla (Valkyrie), Touch (Moon Knight) and Mikeall (Wolverine).

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Both versions can be found as digital downloads via the Hand’Solo Records bandcamp page where the limited edition 7″ record can also be found.

About Hand’Solo Records | Hand’Solo Records is a Canadian indie hip hop label founded in 1996. Current roster includes Wordburglar, Backburner, The Dirty Sample and Primordial.

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