Choose Your Superpower

Choose Your Superpower

You’re out for an evening hike by yourself (hey, it could happen!) and you meet an old guy that asks you for some water.

Without thinking, you give him your canteen and he finishes it in one gulp. You don’t complain, but as you’re saying goodbye, he reveals his true identity. He’s an immortal of sorts and has decided to repay you for your kindness with one superpower. Sounds great, but which one would you choose? And no, you can’t wish for the power to give yourself more wishes.

It’s a tough call, and since many might immediately opt for superhuman strength or the ability to fly, it’s worth giving it some thought. Being able to fly would be pretty amazing, and you’d save a fortune on plane tickets. But there’s not much else you can do with it. Superhuman strength would also be good, but unless you’re planning on taking up a life of crime or joining the UFC, then it might lose its appeal quicker than you think. Having said that though, those UFC guys do make a lot of money.

The odds of being smart enough for Mensa are only 50/1, so I’m thinking that wishing for superintelligence might just be a waste of your one opportunity to gain a superpower. Besides, being that clever might just make you realize a few things about your fellow humans. Nah, best to live in relative ignorance.

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So what else is there? You could opt for immortality. Now that would be an epic power to have. Living forever and seeing just how far humankind progresses would be interesting, but watching everyone else grow old before you might get a little lonely. Yes, this is actually harder than it seems.

You could opt for invisibility. It would make you the world’s greatest spy or the most notorious bank robber depending on what path you take. But again, as far as superpowers go, it’s not actually all that amazing. Impressive, yes, but that’s about it.

I suppose the superpower you should want all boils down to what kind of life you want to lead. If you want to help people, then superhuman strength or immortality are the obvious ones. A life of crime? Go for invisibility. But what if you just want to have a nice relaxing life, make a bit of money, and perhaps retire early?

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No, I’m going to have to go with something a bit different like time travel, which is tempting because you could have lots of fun predicting World Cup winners and who the next world leaders will be, but you’d have to limit yourself to future travel. Upset something in the past and the whole world changes. It would be good, though, to go back in time and mess with people’s heads by telling them what’s going to happen before it happens. But that’s not the power I’d choose.

Ever heard of the power of mimicry? Of course, you have, but I’ll explain it anyway. The idea is that you can mimic the best qualities of other humans or perhaps even animals. Need to get out of town in a hurry? Mimic Usain Bolt’s speed. Fancy writing a book? Mimic Stephen King or even better, Tolkien. Yes, that’s the one: the power of mimicry. You might not have the absolute power of most superheroes, but you will be as good if not better than most humans.


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