Classic Space Adventure | 1980’s LEGO Features In Fan Game

Classic Space Adventure | 1980’s LEGO Features In Fan Game

In this fan-made game, you can embark on a classic retro space LEGO adventure!

Whenever I watch The LEGO Movie, the character of Benny, the blue spaceman from LEGO’s 1980’s space range, always gives me great nostalgia feels.

I only had two or three of the smaller space LEGO sets as a child but the designs and styles of the ships and moonbases, in their distinctive blue and yellow bricks, will always stay with me.

LEGO enthusiast Johan Alexanderson feels the same way and spent two years of his spare time creating the game, Classic Space Adventure, in honour of the LEGO Classic Space theme. In fact, the game is doubly retro as the game looks as if it has come from the 1980s as well.

The game played via keyboard, running in a web browser, has you playing the main character of Red Spaceman. A new species of creature has been discovered below the surface of Mars and Red Spaceman is sent to find out more.

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Not only do the retro style graphics look great but many official LEGO space sets have been incorporated into the game and Johan demonstrates the comparisons on his website.

The game is simple but yet fun to play. The game has been split into many chapters and will remember your progress. So if you wish to play at a later point, you can always continue from the last chapter you reached.

You can find Classic Space Adventure here.

Well done to Johan who’s done a fantastic job and special credit must go to the brothers brick for discovering this game. Head over to their site for a behind the scenes interview with Johan on the creation of the game.


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