Clothing retailer, Bershka, are selling a Super Nintendo range

Clothing retailer, Bershka, are selling a Super Nintendo range

Bershka are a retailer aiming their clothing and accessories at a young, culturally engaged market. A recent range of leisurewear pays tribute to the Super Nintendo.

Of Spanish origin, Bershka have grown into a global retailer with over a thousand stores in 70 markets. No, I’d never heard of them either, despite having two stores on London’s Oxford Street. That said, I’m not exactly their target demographic. I’m too old. They aim their philosophy at twenty-somethings with an interest in music and cutting-edge technology. Retro technology too, apparently as they sell a range of Super Nintendo inspired clothing and shoes.

Bershka are currently selling a limited range of Super Nintendo Entertainment System leisurewear. This includes a hoody (£45.99), jogging pants (£29.99), a long sleeved T-Shirt (£19.99) and a pair of sneakers.

The hoody and track pants come in red with grey trim and SNES logo. It is vaguely reminiscent of something a refuse collector might wear. Meanwhile the long sleeved top is black with white branding.

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Surprisingly, for the same price as a hoody you can also buy Bershka’s SNES themed sneakers (£45.99). With a base colour of white with grey and red highlights, these shoes look crisp. There’s subtle SNES branding along the side and a logo on the tongue.

Whilst reasonably priced I do wonder how long these sneaks will remain looking pristine? They are manufactured from entirely synthetic materials that tend to crease and crack easily. Still, for the price maybe longevity isn’t a major consideration.

The range is available online if, like us in the UK, stores are currently closed during lockdown. Visit for more information.

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