Coheed And Cambria | Island | Video

Coheed And Cambria | Island | Video

Coheed and Cambria’s video for Island flips the script. Batman LOVES Superman in this depiction of heroes in the real world.

From Coheed and Cambria‘s most recent album The Color Before The Sun comes a video for the track Island. The visual takes some inspiration from the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and plays on the lead characters from that film – with a twist.

The band’s frontman Claudio Sanchez writes: “When I think of these two iconic characters, I think of opposite attraction. I think of myself and my wife. How two opposite ends of a spectrum can create harmony and balance. In one way or another, these characters have been paired up with like-minded love interests, the Bat and the Cat… The Alien and the Amazonian… I wanted to bring the Dark and the Light together.”

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The video for Island depicts costumed ‘heroes’ who commonly pose for pictures for cash at tourist hotspots. A voyeuristic pairing sparks something greater than the staged fight scene between Batman and Superman-a-likes.

Find out more about the band and where to buy The Color Before The Sun at and for information on their current U.S. tour click here.

About Coheed and Cambria – Coheed and Cambria is an American progressive rock band from Nyack, New York, formed in 1995. The band is formed of members: Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Josh Eppard, and Zach Cooper.
Famous for including science-fiction and fantasy narratives to their progressive influenced rock style.

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