Collectables and the lasting appeal of Red Dead Redemption 2

Collectables and the lasting appeal of Red Dead Redemption 2

Still hugely popular within the gaming community, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is already approaching its second anniversary.

The depth and breadth of the game has kept players immersed in its world long after its release in October of 2018. In particular, there is a great variety of collectables, which all require different skills to acquire. Here, we take a look at a few of the community favourites which keep players coming back for more.

Dinosaur Bones

Early in the game, the player is likely to bump into a palaeontologist unearthing dinosaur bones. She tasks Arthur with finding a further 30 bones to send to her for a fee. These can be particularly difficult to find as there is no map available and the player has to rely on some blind luck along the way, although you can always turn to an IGN guide. The controller buzzes in the vicinity of any bones and the player can use eagle-eye to spot their yellow glow. This just means that the bones are all the more satisfying for being discovered – and who doesn’t like the idea of hunting for dinosaurs?

Cigarette Cards

Following the mission ‘Smoking and Other Hobbies’, the player is tasked with collecting 12 cigarette card sets, each containing 12 cards for a total of 144. These can be picked up through random acts of looting during the game or simply purchased from general stores and vendors throughout the world. The cigarettes themselves, along with chewing tobacco, play a vital role in the game itself as they allow Arthur to regenerate his dead-eye meter for greater accuracy in gunfights. Although there’s no guarantee it will improve your aim, Taxfreesnus offers an increasingly popular smokeless tobacco product from Sweden for those players wishing to emulate Arthur’s tobacco-infused adventuring. Collect all 144 cards in the game and you are rewarded with the hefty sum of $200. This one is certainly for the completionists.

Treasure Map

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No real adventure is complete without a treasure map, and this game doesn’t fail in allowing the player to live out their Goonies ‘never say die’ spirit as quoted by the Independent on the treasure-hunting classic. In Red Dead Redemption 2, treasure maps show the player drawings of natural landmarks where X marks the spot. Players with a keen eye and understanding of the Wild West landscape will then be able to track down each particular area and go on the hunt for treasure. Similarly, players are given a rock carving side-mission to follow through: if they spot any unusual carvings, Arthur can mail the coordinates back to the stranger for a reward. This emphasis on the natural elements of the game helps the player to feel even more immersed in the environment as they are constantly on the lookout for potential clues or signs of collectable achievements.

The game goes well beyond these, of course, and offers the player the opportunity to collect the skins of legendary animals, including grizzly bears and alligators, as well as more leisurely pursuits like searching for dreamcatcher locations or finding all the different types of plant growing in the game. It’s this depth that continues to keep the player tied to the game world, eager to explore all it has to offer to this day.

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