How Comics Affect The Gaming Industry

How Comics Affect The Gaming Industry

If you are both an avid gamer and fan of comic books then you may be aware of the historical relationship that exists between comic books and gaming in general.

There are games based on comics but also comics based on lots of different video games. In this article we thought we would look at the relationship between the two and how comics affect the gaming industry as a whole, listing a few notable examples along the way.

Video Games in Comic Books

With the rise of the internet over the last 20 years, the webcomic has become a key player in the comic book industry. You will find plenty of great video-game based comics all over the web. One of our favorites was written and illustrated by Aviv Or and Eran Aviram. These two individuals created the popular comic Up to Four Players. This publication began as a gag-a-day comic but has developed over time into a long-term story arc featuring humorous takes on famous video game characters such as Mario.

Next up, we have Chainmail Bikini by Hazel Newlevant. There are more female gamers than ever before but the world of video games can be a harsh place for a woman. However, it can also be a safe haven as well. This is emphasized superbly in this comic with some short, original and very funny takes on what it is like to play games as a woman. There are references to games such as Kirby and how gaming has helped some females find their place in the world. An excellent choice for anyone who has found their home playing games.

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Comics and Gaming

Influencing Online Gambling

Of course, there is more to gaming than just good old-fashioned video games. Comic books have also had an influence on the online gambling industry. These days, online gambling takes many forms. Some players prefer online blackjack whereas others enjoy playing on bingo sites such as Naturally, not all bingo sites such as Jackpotjanebingo offer a comic book theme but there are lots of online casino sites and games that do. Indeed, the range of comic book online slots that you can play is impressive.

You only have to look at some of the bigger online casino sites to see just how many online slots there really are based on comic books. Key players such as Marvel and DC Comics really have diversified massively over the last decade and you will be able to play online slots based on some of the most famous comic book characters of all including Batman, Superman, Iron Man, The Green Lantern and much more. As you can see, comic books have had quite the profound effect on the online gambling industry as well as traditional video games.

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More to Come?

With the comic book world having such as big impact on the entire gaming industry and with companies such as Marvel more influential than ever before, we cannot really see this trend slowing down anytime soon. We had great fun researching comic books based on games but if you have any ideas of your own then feel free to send them our way on twitter or facebook. Happy gaming!

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