Comics In Review 2015 | Part 3 | It’s All About Image

Comics In Review 2015 | Part 3 | It’s All About Image

From major comics events by the big publishers, to unexpected crossovers, movie tie-ins and much, much more, In a short series of articles, I review some of my favourite titles, and moments from the world of comics in 2015.

PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR 2015 | Creator owned and adult themed | Image Comics

Without doubt the publisher who has released the most comics I’ve read this year has been Image. Formed in 1992 by comic book artists who wanted to release their books but retain copyright over their creations, Image has gone from strength to strength ever since. This year found the publisher issuing – not only fantastic ongoing titles like Saga, The Walking Dead and Spawn – but introducing some great short run and ongoing series. I pick my favourite three from last year.


A futuristic Sci-Fi epic with a Western feel and revenge themes running throughout. Writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein have created a visually stunning and expansive world where multiple plot-lines, mystery, violence and intrigue collide to form one of the most engaging and rich comic experiences in print today. Nic Klein‘s artwork is simply stunning and meticulously detailed whilst Ivan Brandon’s writing echoes each of these attributes with complex, multi-layered plots and subplots that warrant multiple reads. This is a sci-fi comic book of epic proportions.

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Drifter - Image Comics

Drifter | Image Comics | Written by Ivan Brandon | Drawn by Nic Klein

The Beauty

Writer and artist Jeremy Haun with co-writer Jason A. Hurley offer up a unique plot in this fabulous comic that leaves you wanting more each instalment. As society becomes more and more obsessed with outward beauty this book has a one-of-a-kind hook. What if beauty was a sexually transmitted disease? What if all you needed to do to become flawless overnight was sleep with someone already infected? Many make the easy choice whilst others oppose the very idea. Then the affected start to realise the terrible consequences.

The story looks at the scenario from different perspectives. The willingly infected, those accidentally involved and those who stand against them. Unlikely allies come into play and an antidote must be found… all the while the clock is ticking.

The Beauty | Image Comics | Written by Jeremy Haun / Jason A. Hurley | Drawn by Jeremy Haun

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Tokyo Ghost

In a violent future where humans are enslaved by technology and will go to any measure to get their next digital fix we are thrust into a seedy, dark underworld. This is The Isles of Los Angeles, the year is 2089. Constable Debbie Decay and her digital dependent lover/sidekick Led Dent are charged with taking down the last remaining tech-less society on the planet, Earth: The Garden Nation of Tokyo.

Writer Rick Remender with artists Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth present a chaotic, ultra violent and corrupt vision of the future whilst painting a touching, tragic love story between the tech-free Debbie and the non-responsive muscle Led.

Tokyo Ghost

Tokyo Ghost | Image Comics | Writer Rick Remender | Drawn by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

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