Comics | The Pull List | 26th November

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Comics | The Pull List | 26th November

Each week I bring you a preview of what’s hitting your local comic book store shelves come Wednesday, but what am I reading? This is The Pull List where I discuss the comics I’ve picked up this week.

In the absence of any of my regular titles this week there is just the one comic to review and one title dropping off the pull list. First up is the latest vision from writer Matt Fraction for Image Comics.

Ody-C #1 | Image Comics | Wild Card

Ody-C was a bit of an impulse purchase. I took my kids to Orbital Comics just off Leicester Square for the first time this weekend where they went nuts searching for issues of My Little Pony they didn’t already have. No joy so we ended up with a couple of figurines for them instead, and it wasn’t until we were at the counter that I made the lunge and grabbed a copy at the last minute.

The cover itself is intriguing and makes very clear that within the pages of this book you will find a sci-fi epic, but it’s more than that. Matt Fraction and artist Christian Ward have teamed up for a re-telling of The Odyssey, except they’ve switched up the gender roles and it’s set in the expanses of space with a Barbarella theme firmly in mind. It’s tougher than Barbarella though, these are strong characters that pull no punches.

Uniquely the first edition comes with a large gate fold that features a beautiful depiction of the characters across the centre and a diagram with as much information as you could ever need about the universe we’re being immersed into. As with the gatefold the artwork throughout the book is vibrant with colour and distinct in style, and whilst I can appreciate this bold vision it’s not to my taste. Many will love it. The story too will appeal to many and though the story is interesting, clever and refreshingly unusual in it’s presentation I found it rather disjointed. I didn’t care for the bits and pieces presentation and felt the story didn’t flow that well.

As a whole Ody-C is a lovely package, but fails to spark my imagination somehow. Ody-C won’t be making it onto my pull list.

Story [3/5] Artwork [3/5]

Off The List | Axis | Marvel Comics

As much as I tried to stick with it, Marvel’s current event has failed to hold my attention enough to keep buying the individual comics. That’s not to say I won’t be reading this story arc, on the contrary, I’ll be waiting for the collected edition instead. As with AvX and Age of Ultron I tend to find these events that span multiple titles work best in graphic novel form where you can really get stuck in, so that’s what I’ll do. So there!

Next week on The Pull List? Maybe Thanos Vs Hulk #1…


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