Comics In Review 2015 | Part 1 | D4VE / D4VE2

Comics In Review 2015 | Part 1 | D4VE / D4VE2

From major comics events by the big publishers, to unexpected crossovers, movie tie-ins and much, much more, In a short series of articles, I review some of my favourite titles, and moments from the world of comics in 2015.

TOP PICK FOR 2015 | Rude, Crude and incredibly funny | D4VE / D4VE2 | IDW Publishing

IDW have a reputation for publishing licensed titles like the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and more. In addition they often crossover titles from other publishers that might not seem an obvious match, but somehow end up a lot of fun, like DC‘s Green Lantern and their own licensed title, Star Trek. What they don’t often offer a lot of is unique titles. One exception this year has been the hugely fun D4VE mini-series and a subsequent follow up.

D4VE #1Robots have conquered the E4rth and wiped all life from the galaxy. With no adversaries life becomes mundane. D4VE, a once great robot war hero now simply exists – another cog in the big grind – trapped in a job he hates, a marriage that’s failing and with an adopted son who exhibits open contempt for him. Then aliens attack and the world needs someone to step up. Cue D4VE.

D4VE is bursting full of so many clever touches that it’s easy to overlook some of them, however they all add to the tapestry that forms this very human story told through the eyes of a robot. Like the titular character, names contain numbers and exclamations of ‘For Jobs sake‘ or ‘for the love of Woz‘ replace common, human blasphemy. The language is colourful making this an adults only comic. There are sexual references, depictions of vandalism and violence, always tinged with a slapstick and dark humour.

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D4VE2 #1Following the success of their first run, writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon returned towards the end of 2015 with D4VE2. Once more lauded as a hero and with a big fucking statue built in his honour D4VE is back at the military training new recruits for any potential new threat to the E4rth. But with no impending danger things are slipping back to how they were. The humour is ramped up. My highlight of D4VE2? Oddly his son’s dog who has some of the best lines in the books ‘Woof! Fuck you!’.

Do you need to be a little immature to enjoy D4VE? It certainly helps.

D4VE / D4VE2 | IDW Publishing | Written by Ryan Ferrier | Drawn by Valentin Ramon

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