Comics | This Weeks New + Noteworthy | 3rd December

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Comics | This Weeks New + Noteworthy | 3rd December

Thanos V Hulk from Jim Starlin? Holy crap that sounds massive. This and two other mini-series… new comics day is just a sleep away and there are a whole host of new stories to jump on-board with this week. Here are my top three new and noteworthy along with a everything else that’s new on the shelves of your local comic book store this week.

Top Pick | Thanos Vs Hulk #1

An all-new four-part story by fan-favorite Jim Starlin begins here! The Hulk is kidnapped by Pip the Troll and traded to Annihilus! Then Thanos of Titan gets thrown into the mix…

Wolf Moon #1

Don’t miss the start of this new 6-issue miniseries! WOLF MOON is a horrific werewolf hunt unlike any other. When Dillon Chase’s family was slaughtered by the wolf, his life was forever changed. Dillon sets out to destroy the creature, but he soon learns that lycanthropy is far more insidious than the legends ever said. With each full moon, he draws closer to the monster – and with each full moon, he becomes more aware that in order to stop the wolf, he must kill a human being and become a fearful monster himself.

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Fight Like A Girl #1

Standing before a jury of nine gods, Amarosa pleads for a chance to risk her life and gain entry to the Wishing Well where she will attempt to fight her way through and survive nine trials to claim her prize: a single wish that will save her terminally-ill brother.

Also New This Week

Dark Horse | Hellboy And The BPRD #1

DC Comics | Batman Essentials Batman Hush #1 | Secret Six #1

Image Comics | Image Firsts Outcast #1 | Image Firsts Wicked & Divine #1

Marvel Comics | Angela Asgards Assassin #1 | Captain America Peggy Carter Agent Of Shield #1

Independents | Battlestar Galactica: Death Of Apollo #1 | Crossed Plus 100 #1 | Escape From New York #1 | Shaft #1 | Valiant Sized Quantum & Woody #1

What’s on your pull list this week?

Will Harrison

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