Comics | This Week’s New  Noteworthy | 4th February

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Comics | This Week’s New Noteworthy | 4th February

The Comics Preview is all you need to find out which new titles are hitting comic book shops this new comics day.

Whether you’re a regular reader looking for something new or a newcomer to comics, I give you my top three picks and a round-up of each new new comic hitting the shelves this week.

Top Pick | Nameless #1

An astronomer kills his family, then himself, leaving a cryptic warning. A Veiled Lady hunts her victims through human nightmares. An occult hustler known only as ‘Nameless’ is recruited by a consortium of billionaire futurists for a desperate mission. And the malevolent asteroid Xibalba spins closer on a collision course with Earth. But nothing is what it seems—a terrifying inhuman experiment is about to begin. Abandon all hope and experience ultimate horror in Nameless.

Sherlock Holmes, Steam Detective #1

All about London and the surrounding lands, dastardly and/or desperate men misuse and abuse the steam-powered technological marvels of the 19th century to deceive, defraud, or even dispatch their fellow Britons. It’s up to the dashing detective of 221B Baker Street and his stalwart companion to fire up their gears, both physical and mental, to outwit the villains and save the day!

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antarctic press

Rat God #1

Terrible things stalk the forests outside Arkham in this chilling original tale from comics master Richard Corben! An arrogant city slicker on a quest to uncover the background of a young woman from the backwoods finds horrors beyond imagining, combining Lovecraftian mutations with Native American legends.

Also New This Week

Dark Horse Comics | Goon Once Upon A Hard Time #1

Image Comics | Postal #1 | Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses #1

Marvel Comics | All New Captain America Fear Him #1 | Guardians of the Galaxy And X-Men Black Vortex Alpha #1 | Marvels Ant-Man Prelude #1 | Return Of Living Deadpool #1

Indies | Cluster #1 | Grimm Fairy Tales White Queen #1 | Imperium #1 | King Jungle Jim #1 | Lady Death Apocalypse #1 | Legenderry Vampirella #1

What’s on your pull list this week?


Will Harrison

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Founder of The Unheard Nerd. A husband and father of two girls, Will is a fan of Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a comics fiend, a podcast host and champion of independent nerd culture. | Follow will on twitter: @TheUnheardNerd

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