Comics | This Weeks New + Noteworthy | September 3rd

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Comics | This Weeks New + Noteworthy | September 3rd

Comics! It’s nearly new comics day and there are a whole host of new stories to jump on-board with this week from the big boys and independents alike. Here are my top three new and noteworthy along with a host of other titles to debut this week on September 3rd.

Aaaand… The Unheard Nerd comics preview is back after a fortnight away on holiday. Support your local comic shop, get out there and grab a sweet read.

Top Pick | God Hates Astronauts #1

Ryan Browne’s (Manhattan Projects, Bedlam) farcical cult-sensation returns with a new story: perfect for new readers! A NASA funded group of arrogant “super people” must stop a rash of farmers that have been using rocket-powered silos to launch themselves into outer space! As these Astro-Farmers fire themselves all over the galaxy, NASA must utilize their every resource (A guy with a ghost-cow head, a bunch of magic bears, and a Chicago cop with robot arms) to avoid an intergalactic incident!

Death Of Wolverine #1

THREE MONTHS TO DIE, the loss of Wolverine’s healing factor–all led to this, the single most important X-Men event of the decade. • Logan has spent over a century being the best there is at what he does…but even the best fade away eventually. • Over the years, Logan has been a warrior, a hero, a renegade, a samurai, a teacher—and so much more. But now, the greatest X-Men hero will play a role he’s never played before in this special weekly event brought to you by industry superstars Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.

Concrete Park #1

A troubled young outcast from Earth awakens on a distant desert planet that’s gripped by gang war. Will the exiles of Scare City destroy each other or create something surprising, beautiful, and new? Concrete Park returns with volume 2’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T arc—a sexy sci-fi saga by Tony Puryear (Eraser) and Erika Alexander!

New This Week

Dark Horse | Grendel Vs Shadow #1

DC Comics | Action Comics Futures End #1 | Aquaman Futures End #1 | Batwing Futures End #1 | Detective Comics Futures End #1 | Earth 2 Futures End #1 | Grayson Futures End #1 | Green Arrow Futures End #1 | Green Lantern Futures End #1 | Swamp Thing Futures End #1 | Batman Essentials Batman & Son Special Edition #1 | Names #1

Marvel | Dark Tower Drawing Of Three Prisoner #1 | Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #0

Independents | Alice Cooper #1 | Cloaks #1 | Death Defying Dr Mirage #1 | Ex Con #1 | Red Sonja Black Tower #1

Futures End

DC Comics Future’s End September Event

DC Comics have hit hard with no fewer than nine first editions as part of their Future’s End September Event.

Head over DC’s website for some special GIF covers like this Detective Comics: Futures End #1 where Batman takes his war on crime to the next level, but he needs the help of his greatest ally – The Riddler?!

“This September, DC Comics – The New 52 will flash forward five years, giving you a glimpse of what may be in store for your favorite DC Comics characters in a month-long event we’re calling “Futures End.” Inspired by the new weekly comic series of the same name, each monthly title in the New 52 will feature a stand-alone story that offers an intriguing look at a possible future for its subject, all written and drawn by some of the best writers and artists in comics.”

Check out all of this week’s new comics at my local comic shop –

What’s on your pull list this week?



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