Company Behind The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ Given Ultimatum

Company Behind The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ Given Ultimatum

Deliver by May 2018 or funds will be recouped and returned to backers! This is the message Indiegogo have issued to Retro Computers Ltd who were crowdfunding a handheld ZX Spectrum.

Crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, have issued a final ultimatum to British electronics company, Retro Computers Ltd regarding their campaign to raise funds for a handheld Sinclair ZX Spectrum dubbed the Vega+.

We reported on the proposed idea back in February 2016, and the company subsequently went on to successfully raise £512,790 through the online platform when it officially launched March 2016. Backers, each pitching between £85 and £100 per unit, were given an estimated delivery date of September the same year.

Two years on from our initial report on the Vega+ and backers are still waiting for the final product with updates from Retro Computers Ltd very much conspicuous in their absence. This has prompted U.S. based company, Indiegogo, to step in and issue a deadline for delivery before action is taken.

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Retro Computers Ltd have been given until May 2018 to deliver to all backers. Should they fail to meet this target Indiegogo will employ a third-party agency to recover and refund backer’s pledges in full.

In addition to committing to the delivery of the Vega+, the company was also obliged to provide backers with a “Significant update” on the project, which they duly have.

Stating that delays have been caused in-part by a legal dispute with a former company director, issues with light bleeding into the display and the necessity to re-design and manufacture the unit’s buttons. The company also issued pictures of various beta units and manufacturing equipment.

Retro Computers Ltd also states that it intends to meet the May 2018 target and is working hard with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure this happens.

Indiegogo have placed an embargo on Retro Computers Ltd raising any further funds on the platform.

Source | BBC


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