Complete DC Comics collection up for auction

Complete DC Comics collection up for auction

A complete collection of DC Comics spanning the publisher’s first eighty years is up for auction at Sotheby’s.

More than forty thousand comics make up a collection that spans DC’s history. From 1934 to 2014 the lot includes every single issue published by DC Comics, including first appearances by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more as well as rare promotional issues.

The haul has been amassed by 66 year old British DJ and music producer, Ian Levine. His work includes producing hit songs for Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and Tiffany having cultivated a unique style of pop music known as HI-NRG.

Levine’s complete collection is being auctioned by Sotheby’s as a single lot, how much it will sell for is impossible to predict, but one has to assume it will be multiple millions.

A single copy of ‘Action Comics #1’, the first appearance of Superman, sold for $3.2 million in 2014. An issue of the first appearance of Batman in ‘Detective Comics #27’ also topped a million dollars in 2010. Levine’s collection contains each of these titles plus many other rare issues.

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It’ll take a wealthy DC Comics fan to buy the collection, but speculation also suggests that DC Comics’ parent company Warner Bros. might be interested in snapping up the haul too. Warner have their own complete archive, but a backup might be a shrewd move.

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Levine’s success in the music industry has allowed him to indulge other hobbies. As a fan of Doctor Who, Levine was able to assist the BBC with returning lost episodes to the corporation’s archives from his own collection.


Sotheby’s Listing | Everyone and everything is here. Action Comics #1, with the debut of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster’s Superman. Bob Kane’s Batman, introduced in Detective Comics #27. The very first DC comic book, New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1. Superman #1 and Batman#1. First appearances of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Green Arrow. Superhero teams like the Justice League of America and the Teen Titans. Supervillains Lex Luthor, the Joker, Two Face, the Penguin, General Zod, the Riddler, Bizarro, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Darkseid. In short, every issue of every DC comic published for sale from 1934 through the end of 2014—more than 40,000.

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