Concept Test For An Animated Judge Dredd Is Discovered

Concept Test For An Animated Judge Dredd Is Discovered

A concept test for an unproduced Judge Dredd animation is discovered online.

Judge Dredd, the judge, jury and executioner of law in the futuristic city of Mega City one hasn’t had too much luck trying to exist outside the pages of the British comic, 2000AD.

There have been quite a few video games of the years but in terms of other media we’ve only had two major live action films, one which was excellent, the other which starred…Stallone.

Recently, it was discovered that there may have been the idea to create a CGI animated tale as pre-visualisation video had been found online. This is a technique when animation is used in order to plan out your film or project in order to understand how it will look.

As reported by, the video was discovered by Robert Gray who likes to scour the internet searching for similar videos on popular social media sites.

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The Dredd test was created by Studio Aixa and uploaded by Joan Cabot who was the Director of camera and lighting on the animation. Cabot has worked as a Senior Previsualization Artist on major films such as Peanuts, Ice Age: Collision Course and Rio 2.

Studio Aixa which was founded in 2015 by industry professionals in order to,

.”..specialize in Layout and previs for animated films, TV shows or videogame cinematics.
We produce visually apealling previs reels for internal production or we can offer even more polished Pitch-vis reels to present your show pilot or teaser to investors.”

The animation was created and shown to Rebellion who own the rights to Judge Dredd. They were suitably impressed and were considering creating a weekly web animation to coincide with the Mega City One live action show that is apparently still in development.

You can watch the concept pitch below although I had to change the soundtrack which used music from Akira and caused a copyright notice. There was no speech or sfx in the original version.

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