Console History | Sega Mega Jet

Console History | Sega Mega Jet

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There are plenty of oddities based on the 16-bit classic Sega Megadrive/Genesis but few are stranger or more hard to find than the bizarre Mega Jet. As the name implies this bare-bones Megadrive was initially developed as in-flight entertainment exclusively for Japan Airlines. Something of a hybrid system the Mega Jet had the characteristics of a handheld console with the familiar joypad and six button configuration of the joypad bundled with the traditional console on the face of the unit, but without its own screen this variant would need to be plugged into a small armrest screen found aboard Japan Airlines planes.

A limited number of games were available to rent along with the unit for use during flights including Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Monaco GP, though passengers could bring their own Megadrive games to play as the Mega Jet was compatible with other titles. Along with an on/off switch located to the left of the D-Pad there was a headphone socket with volume as well as a port on the bottom edge for a second controller to allow for two player gaming.

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Sega Mega Jet

In March 1994 a very similar consumer version of the Mega Jet was made available in Japan where it was marketed as a portable Megadrive, though it still required a separate screen and relied on a wired power supply. A truly portable Megadrive would appear later exclusive to the North American market in the form of the Sega Nomad. As only a limited number of Mega Jet units ever went on sale the price rockets nowadays on sites like eBay with current bids as high as £500.00 for the few available.


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