Cyanide & Happiness Creators Are Kickstarting A Card Game Called Joking Hazard

Cyanide & Happiness Creators Are Kickstarting A Card Game Called Joking Hazard

You love the webcomic, you’ve watched all of the shorts and now you want to play the Cyanide & Happiness card game.

The creators of the long-running webcomic and YouTube shorts Cyanide & Happiness have announced that they are kickstarting a card game called Joking Hazard. With more than a hint of Cards Against Humanity to the concept, fans have already shown phenomenal support by smashing the $10,000 goal with over $123,000 raised at the time of writing.

With many of the unique, one of a kind incentives already snapped up expect more to be added as the campaign still has the best part of a month to run. As little as $25 will get you the game which is estimated to ship in November 2016. But add another $10 to that and you’ll receive the first 50 card expansion pack too.┬áDouble pack options are also available as well as a special wooden presentation box.

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Joking Hazard requires a minimum of four players with one participant nominated as the judge. Players must lay down a card to set up a three card ‘comic strip’ whilst the judge lays down another to build the story. It’s then up to the players to lay down their ‘punchlines’ with the judge picking the best.

Head over to Kickstarter now to pledge to the campaign and for a little more Cyanide & Happiness fun check out the random comic generator.

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