Danger Will Robinson! | Lost In Space Reboot Trailer Is Launched

Danger Will Robinson! | Lost In Space Reboot Trailer Is Launched

Netflix is going hard on the Lost in Space reboot. The sci-fi classic receives a modern look and I am jumping onboard for this ride into the unknown.

As a kid I enjoyed watching reruns of the late sixties television series, in 1998 I was forgiving of the film featuring ‘Friends’ star, Matt LeBlanc. Now in 2018 I’m pretty hyped for Netflix new vision for ‘Lost in Space’.

Netflix teased the show in late February with little more than an introduction to the family Robinson and a subtle hint of the iconic theme tune reworked from the original. Now we have a full trailer and suddenly ‘Lost in Space’ is looking like a whole heap of action packed fun.

Whilst the trailer suggests that Netflix’s vision of ‘Lost in Space’ will maintain the core elements of the show’s origins many aspects have received a modern make-over.

‘Lost in Space’ is founded on a premise that sees the family Robinson sent into space as part of a five year mission to seek out hospitable planets in the far reaches of space. When a sabotage attempt goes wrong their ship, the Jupiter 2, is flung off course and literally lost in space.

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The family seek to survive with the help of Will Robinson’s unlikely companion simply known as, ‘Robot’.

It’s Robot that gets a significant upgrade in this trailer as the awkward and bulky man in a suit look is ditched in favour of a much sleeker CG version. Robot’s signature catchphrase “Danger Will Robinson” remains. Perhaps it’s this that endeared me to the show all those years ago. Will Robinson isn’t that far removed from my own name.

All episodes of ‘Lost in Space’ will be available to stream on Netflix from April 13th.

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