Dave Bautista Has Two Action Comedies Coming Your Way

Dave Bautista Has Two Action Comedies Coming Your Way

Dave Bautista has been working overtime and has two new action comedies coming your way

Dave Bautista is better known as the blue muscled alien Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, part of the huge Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over the past few years, he has also made several appearances in other films but here is with two action comedies of his own.

In the first film, My Spy, Bautista plays a hardened CIA operative who’s undercover assignment is almost blown when it’s discovered by a nine-year-old girl. She promises not to reveal the operation if Bautista teaches her how to toughen up so she can stand up to her school bullies.

My Spy is scheduled for this year with no set release date as yet.

The other film is Stuber. Bautista plays a New York copy on the trail of a bloodthirsty terrorist. He commandeers an Uber taxi driven by Stu (Kumail Nanjiani). Stu is then thrust into a night of adventure and excitement as he has to help Bautista’s cop capture the bad guy while also trying to maintain his five star Uber rating.

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This is an R-rated comedy that had previewed recently at Cinemcon (Film studios preview their upcoming films to cinema owners and journalists) and was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival where it is gaining positive reviews.

Stuber is set for release in the US & UK on the 12th of July. All other areas, check IMDb for listings.


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