DC Universe themed super-restaurant set to open in London

DC Universe themed super-restaurant set to open in London

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner BATMAN! Park Row, a DC Universe inspired restaurant will open soon in London.

Park Row is a new DC Universe inspired venue set to open in Soho, London this Spring. Taking its name from the fictional area of Gotham where Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered, various outlets will fill an 18,000 square foot basement on Brewer Street. A stones throw from Piccadilly.

Five restaurants and three bars will cater for 330 covers, each themed around a different relationship to Batman. ‘Pennyworth’s’, named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, will serve traditional British sharing platters. ‘The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge’ will offer an international menu, whilst a Harley Quinn themed eatery will serve a Japanese omakase menu. An experience where the sushi chef will choose the food for you.

An artist’s impression of The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge at Park Row

The main attraction will be ‘The Monarch Theatre’ where a multi-sensory tasting menu will be accompanied by live music and performance. If you prefer a villainous speakeasy, ‘Old Gotham City’ offers a dimly lit cocktail bar experience.

Diners can expect the average cost per head to start at £45, rising to £120 per head for main event, ‘The Monarch Theatre’.

Artist’s impressions of the space suggest that Park Row’s architects intend stay faithful to the building’s Art Deco aesthetic, providing an opulence and dramatic setting.

The project is a collaboration between Warner Bros. and Wonderland Restaurants.

Lead Image | Nagy Norbert

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