Deadpool Advertising Is Getting Weirder, Now Features Wayne Rooney

Deadpool Advertising Is Getting Weirder, Now Features Wayne Rooney

We’re all aware that product placement and branding go a long way to funding movies these day, but what the eff do Manchester United have in common with Deadpool?

The Deadpool marketing train is going way off piste right now as almost every possible source or advertising is being exploited to the maximum. YouTube? Seriously – you cannot miss it. Social media? All over it! In print? You bet. I’ve even seen Deadpool emblazoned on London busses. But why on Earth is the ‘Merc with the Mouth’ dreaming about scoring a penalty for Manchester United Football Club? The logic baffles me, but see for yourself.

The fear is that moviegoers are in danger of reaching saturation point for what looks likely to be a huge hit for 20th Century Fox as it is. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the promotional videos that have come out already. I like Ryan Reynolds and it’s great to see an actor so heavily invested in a character he’s clearly having the time of his life playing. But at what point does the prospective audience reach tipping point?

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Quite possibly it’ll come this Monday for American TV viewers as Deadpool movie clips will make up a total of three hours of advertising space on MTV, VH1 and Spike. Every scheduled advertising spot will be for the movie. They’re even advertising the fact that they’ll be advertising the film.

If you can’t beat them, join them I guess? I mean, you just read all of this.

Deadpool is in cinemas from February 10th.

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