Deadpool Does Art! There’s A Teaser In There…Somewhere!

Deadpool Does Art! There’s A Teaser In There…Somewhere!

Deadpool reveals his artistic side in this new teaser for his return next year.

Deadpool had a rather slightly different route from comic book to silver screen. A project that was championed by both Ryan Renolds and director Tim Miller, it was practically killed dead after the huge cinematic flop that was The Green Lantern.

The script for Deadpool was also filled with profanity and gore, something 20th Century Fox didn’t like as it only appealed to one demographic, young men. There was no way they could make a more audience-friendly PG-13 take on this material.

20th Century Fox gave Miller a low six-figure number to produce a test reel to demonstrate what kind of film he was trying to make, but even after seeing this, they weren’t convinced.

In the meantime, Reynolds kept championing for the movie to be made and then several years later, someone leaked that test footage online. In short, the fans went nuts and 20th Century Fox greenlight the movie with a low budget.

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The film was a huge success and lead to further R rated superhero movies such as Logan.

Deadpool 2 has now finished production and this second teaser trailer gives us a slightly bizarre look at the upcoming sequel.

If your not sure what’s going on, Deadpool is spoofing artist Bob Ross, a public-television personality who had his own show that taught you how to paint. Bob’s show, The Joy of Painting, ran for just over eleven years from 1983-94.

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