Death Note returns with a new – 87 page – one-shot chapter

Death Note returns with a new – 87 page – one-shot chapter

A new chapter of the popular Manga, ‘Death Note’, will be published next month, almost fourteen years after the original series finished.

When the precocious teen, Light, discovers an otherworldly notebook he soon understands that he holds the power to kill anyone whose face and name he knows. All he has to do is write their name into the pages of the Death Note. Using the alter-ego, Kira, Light sets about ridding the world of anyone he deems morally unworthy in an attempt to rid the world of crime.

Light’s adventures are accompanied by a ‘Shinigami’ (a demon-like creature) called Ryuk, whose carelessness led to the notebook falling to Earth. Only Light can see Ryuk and the pair share a begrudging partnership.

Although the original run of manga, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, finished in May 2006, the legacy of Death Note has endured through anime series, novels and more recently in a live action Netflix series.

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Dark overtones offset by kooky relationships makes tale both accessible and intriguing.

Now Death Note will return in comic form for a special 87 page one-shot. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are behind the new chapter for which the story will take place after the conclusion of the original series. Readers will learn the story of how Ryuk’s powerful book falls to Earth once again.

Fans in Japan don’t have long to wait to read the new instalment. The new Death Note chapter will be published on February 4th to be published in Jump SQ Magazine. There’s no word yet on when an English translation will be available.

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