Decaying Back To The Future Pt II Nike Mag Sells For Over $90k

Decaying Back To The Future Pt II Nike Mag Sells For Over $90k

Heavy!! A single Nike Mag shoe made for ‘Back to the Future Part II’ has sold for over $90k, and it’s literally falling apart.

Two hundred and twenty sneakerheads entered into a bidding war to become the owner of a single Nike Mag shoe. Granted, it’s no ordinary specimen.

An iconic prop from ‘Back to the Future Part II’, Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes of the future captured the imagination of sneaker fans the world over. So much so that by 2015 Nike had made the shoe a reality.

The single left shoe originates from the collection of a longtime Nike employee and was hosted by eBay user shoezeum.

Although it’s not the shoe worn by Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly in the film, (the strap across the laces rather than above the ankle being the obvious giveaway) it is reportedly an authentic prop made for ‘Back to the Future Part II’.

The most remarkable part of this story though, is that this single Nike Mag is literally rotting away.

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Like most movie props, the shoes worn in the film were never meant to last. It’s been almost thirty years since the release of ‘Back to the Future Part II’ and years sat in a glass display case have led to significant decay.

Back to the Future II Nike Mag

Most notably, the rubber heel of the sneaker is flaking off leaving crumbs as evidence that it ever existed. In addition the upper part of the shoe is no longer attached to the sole.

Given the fragile nature of the lot, the winner of the auction was advised that collection in person was required with museum level handling of the item.

Despite its terrible condition, one bidder rose above 219 others to bid a staggering $92,100 to become the owner of a piece of cinematic history. Great Scott!

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