The Equalizer 2 | Denzel Washington Is Back!

The Equalizer 2 | Denzel Washington Is Back!

Denzel Washington returns as a former CIA black ops operative who helps those in serious trouble

Back in 2014, Denzel Washinton starred in The Equalizer, a story of a former CIA black operative, Robert McCall, that now runs a hardware store.

Robert made a promise to his wife before she passed away that he would leave his old life behind. He doesn’t sleep well and while relaxing and reading at a 24/7 diner he meets and befriends Alina, a prostitute for the Russian Mafia. 

One night Alina turns up severely beaten and despite his promise to his wife, Robert visits her pimp in order to try and rectify the situation.

I won’t go into further details except to say it’s a great film and one that probably passed most people by. 

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Now Robert returns in a new tale that sees him try to find out what happened when one of his closest friends disappears.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you fact fans, this is the first time that Denzel Washington has ever played the same character for a sequel.

Title: Equalizer 2

Release | US: 20th July | UK: 17th August | World: IMDb


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