Ten Million Gamers Will Play Destiny On Day One

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Ten Million Gamers Will Play Destiny On Day One

Bungies’ much hyped game-changer is released today with a predicted 10 million gamers to play on launch day.

From a student flat in Chicago more than twenty years ago, two friends set about their journey into the world of video game development.  From those humble beginnings Jason Jones and Alex Seropian have grown their company Bungie into a video games giant who today will reap their rewards as a predicted 10 million gamers are set to play Destiny on launch day.

The company gained prominence in 2001 when their mass-market debut Halo came bundled with the original X-Box upon launch. The franchise has spawned multiple sequels selling over 50 million copies to date. Destiny is the first new project since Halo and, although sharing some similarities with it’s predecessor, looks set to change the face of gaming.

Clearly an ambitious project Destiny has cost a reported 500 Million dollars to develop over five years or more, but this isn’t a game with a pre-determined shelf life, the ambition is for Destiny to last a decade or more with an evolving story where aspects will be added to provide a long-term immersive experience.

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Set in our own solar system where Mars and Venus have been transformed by the arrival of the Traveler, humans flock to colonise them. But with the Traveler comes an ancient enemy. The darkness sets in and without the help of the traveler all humanity would have become extinct.

This epic sci-fi first person shooter can only be played online where you assume the role of a Guardian who, as a team or individually, must set off upon adventures and missions to destroy aliens and defend Earth’s final city. Where Destiny differs to other games within the genre is, in part, the social aspect. Your story within the game will be a unique experience to you despite all players inhabiting the same worlds. You will be able to customise your character and interact with other gamers within the vast digitised landscapes. Work alongside strangers in fleeting engagements, team up or explore alone. Many of the aspects of Destiny are not new ideas, what Bungie have managed to do is blend the best into one cohesive package that immerses and commits the player to a long-term experience.

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Anticipation for this landmark gaming release has built from the secrecy surrounding it earning Destiny the proud boast of becoming the most pre-ordered game in history.

Are you one of the 10 million expected to be playing Destiny? Is it the game-changer we’re expecting? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny is available today for X-Box 360/One and Playstation 3/4. Varying editions are available including a special edition white PS4.

Visit destinythegame.com for more information.

White Destiny PS4



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