This Is The Most Detailed LEGO Viper MkII Ever!

This Is The Most Detailed LEGO Viper MkII Ever!

This Battlestar Galactica fan has created a phenomenal Viper Mk II from LEGO.

France // People’s creativity with LEGO never ceases to amaze me and David Duperron, an engineer from Cherbourg, France, has my jaw on the floor with his replica of a Mk II Viper from Battlestar Galactica.

Colonial Vipers are highly maneuverable spacecraft designed close combat and proved highly effective in dogfights with the Cylons. They first appeared in the 1978 science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica and were resurrected in the 2003 reimagined mini-series and subsequent, long-running full series.

The design is a classic and, personally, sparked my imagination more than Star Wars’ more recognisable X-Wing fighters.

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LEGO Colonial Viper MkII

Based on the design of the MkII Vipers seen in the 2000s Battlestar reimagination, David’s highly detailed model features an opening cockpit with detailed interior as well as retractable landing gear. Fixings for weapons are present and correct. David’s repurposing of certain LEGO parts is impressive, not least his use of large caterpillar tracks to form the detail around the engine exhausts.


Decals indicate that this particular ship is a tribute to Starbuck’s Viper that terrorised Cylon raiders during deep-space combat.

You can find more images of David’s incredible Viper MkII on his flickr page.

Colonial Viper MkII

Source: The Brothers Brick | Images © David Duperron

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