Did You Know Armie Hammer Was Almost Batman?

Did You Know Armie Hammer Was Almost Batman?

A new look at Armie Hammer as Batman from the aborted Justice League: Mortal surfaces…sort of.

Back in 2007, Warner Bros planned to make a new Justice League movie with the subheading, Mortal. However, The Dark Knight was currently in production and director Christopher Nolan didn’t want the Justice League film to impact his own series of Batman films.

It was to feature superheroes at an earlier time of their lives. A younger cast could be hired and the plan was they would age naturally with production over a trilogy of films.

Although it was never officially confirmed, the cast list was believed to be as follows: Armie Hammer (Batman), Adam Brody (The Flash), D.J. Cotrona (Superman), Common (Green Lantern), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman), Santiago Cabrera (Aquaman) and Hugh Keays (The Martian Manhunter).

Director George Miller (The Mad Max franchise & the Happy Feet films) was hired to direct hoping to film in his native Australia but this was switched to Canada.

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The talented men and woman of Weta went to work in creating the new superhero costumes. As revealed in an interview with Hammer in 2010,

“I wore the full functioning Bat Suit. The batarangs were all titanium spring-loaded, they all worked…”

“…It was nutty. If we had any part of our costume on they’d have four people walk around us with big sheets so no paparazzi could get pictures of us in the costumes. It was insane.”

But due to the writer’s strike of 2007/8 and the success of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros decided to focus on individual super hero films instead. Justice League: Mortal fell apart just two weeks before principal photography was to commence.

Evidence of the work already done for the film has been scarce over the years with pieces of concept art being the most common to surface every now and then.

However, director Ryan Unicomb decided to tease us all by releasing a picture of Armie Hammer in the famous Bat cowl.

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What your seeing here is most certainly a costume test, possibly even the original clay sculpt, hence the colour. Batman isn’t usually brown!

Ryan Unicomb has been working on a documentary on the failed Justice League: Mortal movie and this is probably just one of the many treasures he has uncovered on his work for this project.

I for one definitely want to see more.

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